Dyno Tuning


We tune in house on a Dynocom AWD Dynamometer capable of measuring 1800+WHP per axle. Our dyno features twin Eddy load absorbers and can bring a 600WHP car to dead-stop at wide open throttle. Need a baseline or a full tune? UPP has you covered either way! We stand by our numbers, and will never manipulate our dyno. 

Our full dyno tunes are by appointment only, as we want to spend as much time with your vehicle as necessary to help meet your goals. Give us a call today for pricing and availability!


Our tuner specializes in fuel injection and forced induction, but that doesn't mean we can't help you with your naturally aspirated or carbureted project! We try our best to stay up to date on the latest software and hardware combinations to keep our knowledge-base broad. Give us a call today for a comprehensive list of what we can tune.

HP Tuners | SCT | Hondata | DSM Link | Megasquirt | Haltech | & More! 



We understand your budget is important to you. We offer post-tune adjustments at an affordable rate. Already tuned but decided to add long tubes? We can take care of you, and you won't pay full price twice!